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It’s freezing right now in NJ! With the Northeast blanketed with snow and more bad weather on the way, everyone’s snowed in and bundled up to stay warm. What better time to catch up on posting, especially session from a warmer time of year! Here goes!

NJ Hospitality Photography

Back in May of 2017, one of our contacts from Wyndham Worldwide reached out to us about doing a magazine photo shoot for the opening of their new Howard Johnson in Wildwood, NJ. As their Senior Director of Communications, Rob had worked with us previously, when we shot the Veteran’s Parking Campaign for Super 8 Motels. He reached out and mentioned that Wyndham was going to have an article in an upcoming issue of a trade publication, and he wanted us to do the photos. Very cool!

Portraits, Architecture, and Branding…

Editorial work is really exciting because it’s often fast-paced and involves a broad skillset. In this case, we would be photographing two representatives from the hotel’s ownership group, along with some of the spaces that were designed to evoke some of the nostalgia of the brand’s past. Here, there was a little bit of portrait photography, architectural photography, and marketing/branding work all rolled into one.

On-location, Travel Photography

Being before Memorial Day, the vacation season hadn’t started yet at the Jersey Shore, and the newly-renovated hotel was not yet open for business. We asked Rob if they might be able to put us up for the night to make things a bit easier on the logistics end with travel, gear transportation, and an early morning shoot time. The ownership group was happy to accommodate, and they hooked us up with a really great beachfront view with a balcony! Seriously, how cool is that? Since the hotel was right on the boardwalk, we had an awesome view, and we cut out a multi-hour commute the day of the shoot!

“Magazine Photographer”

One funny detail was that we were booked under the name “Magazine Photographer” for check-in, and to this very day, I still receive Wyndham Rewards points to my address under that name! Maybe it’s me, but I still find that kind of amusing.

NJ Commercial Portrait Photographers

On to the shoot! After grabbing some dinner with my assistant and getting a good night’s rest, it was off to the races. We grabbed a quick breakfast and began scouting locations, before meeting up with Rob and the writer from the magazine. As you can imagine, things moved swiftly, and we were almost immediately in front of the ownership reps, snapping shots in the best location we could scout on super short notice! From here, we proceeded to the rooftop balcony, where we had stayed the night before and did some shots of the owners with the prominent signage and the gorgeous blue sky in the background.

South Jersey Architectural Photographers

After some brief chatting with the owners, we proceeded to the next part where we photographed some of the renovated hotel spaces. With a few quick last touches to style the spaces, we photographed one of the rooms, the lobby area, and some of the outdoor spaces. The lighting in the main lobby was definitely challenging, but we were able to pull together something really nice in record time!

South Jersey and Philadelphia Photo Studio

Altogether, we had a blast seeing Rob again and getting to work with some really great new people. I really enjoyed our oceanfront stay as well! We wrapped things up, and headed home to begin retouching for the last part of the editorial journey… the super fast turn-around time! We’re old pros at this sort of thing by now, and we delivered a really nice set shortly afterward! Here’s some of our favorite shots from the session, and a big thanks to the Howard Johnson folks for the great hospitality!

HoJo-Exterior-Sign HoJo-Owners-Magazine-Portrait HoJo-Owner-2 HoJo-Owner-1 HoJo-Wildwood-Pool-Exterior-1 HoJo-Wildwood-Pool-Exterior-2 HoJo-Wildwood-Lobby-1 HoJo-Lobby-Table HoJo-Room-Interior HoJo-Interor-Close-Up

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