In Your Town! – Genie Lighting – Medford, NJ Lighting

Genie Lighting is a really unique local business located at 56 North Main St., Medford, NJ 08055 in the heart of Historic Medford Village.  I’ve been driving by their gorgeous Victorian facade for years, and often thought of popping in, lured by the array of stunning lighting fixtures decorating their front porch.  How could this place not be cool?

While I’ve been interested in stopping by for a few years, Genie Lighting has been a family-owned business for quite some time.  Owned and founded by Lloyd Williams and the Williams family, Genie Lighting has been providing, producing and servicing lighting fixtures in Medford since 1967!  While I enjoyed my visit & had the opportunity to photograph some really unique displays, what I saw is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Genie Lighting’s offerings.

The showroom at Genie Lighting is spacious, bright, and packed with amazing lighting fixtures, from lamps to chandeliers.  If I tried, I wouldn’t even begin to be able to describe some of the cool fixtures I saw.  My description just wouldn’t do the shop justice, but I’m sure that Molly, the showroom manager, would be very happy to give you a tour!  When I first stopped in, Molly greeted me with a warm welcome, was kind enough to give me a terrific tour, and even sat down with me for a nice chat.  She’s super friendly and knows a bunch about the business.

Some awesome copper lanterns occupy a special section in the back of the showroom.  When Lloyd and his family founded Genie Lighting in the late 1960’s, they began to produce copper lanterns.  Today, they supply lighting distributors throughout the United States.  It was neat to take a peak into the workshop located on the premises and take a look at Lloyd doing what he does best!

An endless variety of chandeliers, sconces, and even lamp shades are just part of what they have available.  Molly explained to me that they do repairs and have access to specialty items of all kinds.  During my visit, a number of customers came in with specific needs, and the staff was quick to get them set up with exactly what they needed.  Molly explained that they have a large network of lightings specialists with whom they can get into contact for just about anything.  If they don’t offer something, they can likely point you in the right direction!

While the large selection of the bigger products was alluring, it was really the smaller details that tied things together and made the shop so inviting.  There were fragrant candles, custom small finials, and even some really creative, decorative lamps.

Oh, I can’t help it… I have to admit that I got a bit over-zealous photographing the turtle lamps… most of them were Tiffany lamps.  C’mon… they’re pretty cool!

Next time you’re in the area, I hope you will take a moment to swing by and see the folks at Genie Lighting.  I’m sure they’ll give you a warm welcome, and you’ll have plenty of unique items to take a look at.  Also, check them out online on their website or on Facebook!

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