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Did you know that including video in an email can lead to a 200-300% increase in the amount of people who click through to your website?  Are you aware that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online?  Statistics like these, emphasizing the power of video marketing, are endless, and a strong indicator of the power of the medium.  You can find more of them in this great infographic from HubSpot.  Savvy marketers are well aware that video can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to get their business noticed, and recently, we’ve begun to offer video production to our clients.

South Jersey Video Production

Alongside still images, video can be a powerful way to put your brand on the map, and we’re excited to start offering them.  In addition to a couple recent commercial bookings for video, we’ve rolled out a portfolio of sample videos to show prospective clients what we’re capable of.  We hope you’ll take a look!  Moving forward, we’re certain these offerings will continue to grow and become more refined!

NJ Videographer

So why us?  Well, for one, we approach our video production offerings in a similar way to our traditional photography sessions.  During our client consultation, we ask the right questions to get to know you and your brand.  We’ll help you to dig deep and find out just what message you want to communicate to your audience.  Our creative approach will help you to communicate this vision in a stunning fashion.

Commercial Video Production

You see, we understand that when you contact us, you’re not really looking for pretty pictures and stunning video.  Nope.  You’re really looking for a way to drive customer engagement, create trust in your brand, and reach more customers.  With years of imaging experience, and the highest quality equipment and software at our disposal, you can expect an unparalleled final product.  Here’s a look at a few types of video that can have a tremendous impact on your marketing.

  • Client Testimonial Videos
  • Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Video Tours
  • Time Lapses
  • Motion Portraits
  • Product Demos
  • Branding Videos / Promotional Videos

And, of course, there are many more!

Video Marketing

Here’s a handful of our recent favorites.  We hope you will check them out, and swing by our Video Production Portfolio to see more.  Oh, and if you have questions, don’t be shy!

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