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Last year was terrific, and we can hardly believe it’s already 2015!  Time really flew by, and we’re looking forward to another awesome year.  While 2015 is already off to a strong start, I really enjoyed some of the sessions we had in the latter part of 2014, even up into the final weeks.  Even through the holidays, we were really booked up and enjoyed working with some terrific new folks.  One of these individuals was Josette, the Quality Director at a pharmaceutical company over in Philadelphia.

Josette reached out to us towards the end of November, and we were glad to be able to squeeze her in for a headshot session.  She brought an awesome personality and a super smile along with her.  I just remember really enjoying working with her.  She stopped by with a few outfits, and we decided that the light blue, buttoned-down dress shirt she had brought would look best.  I can remember joking with her about a whole bunch of different things, and she really rolled with the punches.  Josette was a super cool subject, and we definitely had some good laughs during her session.

There were a ton of great shots from Josette’s headshot session, and I even thought that one of the images I took while adjusting the lighting came out great!  At the beginning of the session, we always take a few moments, once we’re acquainted with our clients, to really tweak the lighting for each individual.  The goal is to accentuate their best qualities and provide the most flattering look possible.  Everyone has different features, so headshots shouldn’t all have the same cooking-cutter approach to the lighting setups.  We truly believe that this, along with the other parts of our custom approach, help to make us a cut above the rest.  Our sessions are always very custom and personalized… the way things should be!

Here’s some of the shots from Josette’s headshot photography session!

IMG_6915 CL

IMG_6882 CL

IMG_6935 CL

IMG_6854 CL

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