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Kevin is a good friend of mine, and we spent years working together as engineers for the Dept. of Defense.  Since then, we’ve moved on to greener pastures with Kevin taking a job up by New York at Bell Labs, and me deciding to become a full-time photographer.  It’s awesome when you have friends that you’re able to keep in touch with for years, but it’s a shame we don’t get to hang out like we used to.  Regardless, it was super cool when he stopped by for a photo session, and it was great to grab a beer afterwards.

Custom Portrait Photography

About six months ago or so, I was kicking around ideas for some creative personal projects, and I reached out to Kevin to see if he wanted to be part of them.  I’m always coming up with ideas for projects to push the envelope, and create interesting, eye-catching new images.  I feel like it helps keep me on my toes, thinking creatively, and coming up with new concepts.  I asked Kevin if he was game to be a part of a handful of environmental portraits, and we had been planning on getting together for a while.

South Jersey Headshots

Before long, time escaped the both of us, and it was winter time.  The weather wasn’t really accomodating any sort of photo session that I had envisioned, and the idea I had for Kevin’s session just sort of fell off the map for a while.

Outdoor Headshot Sessions

Once summer came around, I mentioned to Kevin that I recently had a bunch of really great outdoor headshot and portrait sessions.  He gave me a ring, and said, “Hey, you know what?  I could use an updated photo for my LinkedIn profile.”  Before we knew it, he was headed down to our studio.

LinkedIn Headshots

Working with Kevin was awesome.  It was just a good time, and it was definitely great to see him.  The session flew by, and I snapped a bunch of really great images.  In the end, Kevin loved how the shots turned out, we called it a day, and headed out to grab a beer and catch up!  Here’s some of the shots from his session!











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