Lauren – NJ Corporate Portraits / Headshots

Lauren is a hair stylist and permanent makeup artist based out of Mt. Laurel, NJ, and she is terrific at what she does.  I know this first hand, because she cut my hair for years when she worked in Medford.  When it comes to hair, I’m no Patrick Dempsey, and this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy… It’s rare that I’ve found someone who can make me happy with a haircut, and Lauren is one of those people.  I’m sure she does just as awesome of a job at permanent makeup, but I’m not planning on being a new client!  You can visit her website at

Since her business has been picking up lately, Lauren decided she would swing by and get a professional headshot.  I’m really glad she called me up, because it was really great to see her.  It was nice to have a chance to chat, catch up, and get her some headshots.  In the end, she was super happy, and I’m glad I could have a chance to make her look good in photos since she’s made my hair look great for so long!  Here’s some of Lauren’s photos!

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