Lauren P. – NJ Headshot Photography Session

You may remember Kristy from our headshot photography session a few weeks back.  Both Kristy, and her friend Lauren, stopped by the studio together for their headshot sessions.  The needed photos for their applications for the NY Jets cheerleading tryouts and knew it would be a good idea to have solid professional photos on their applications.  When we talked, both explained that applicants typically attach a photo to their submission so the judges will remember them later when making decisions.  Lauren and Kristy wanted photos that would stand out, look great, and make a good impression.

They laughed as they told me about how they had initially tried to do a “photo shoot” at the beach nearby where they lived, bringing along a friend and a point-and-shoot camera.  Lauren & Kristy both joked about the experience and mentioned that they were sure the professional photos would come out much better!

Our photo session was quick and easy, they both had a great time, and I was able to get them some great images!  I was happy to be a part of their road to the tryouts, and wished them a bunch of luck!  Here’s some of what Lauren and I came up with!

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