Leave Behind the Cookie Cutter Headshot & Stand Out

You are unique, and your headshot should be too.  Sure, there are a lot of reasons to have a great profile image, and having an image that helps you stand out is definitely one of them. 

Forget the cookie cutter headshot.  You deserve premium, custom portraiture that develops your brand.  What you do and what you stand for should be represented in your headshot, the cornerstone of your personal brand.  You wouldn’t expect a portrait of a coal miner to be the same as one of a fashion model, right?  People are different, and everything down to the lighting, posing, expression, and surroundings should complement their individuality.

Editorial Style Portraits & Custom Headshots

Imagine you’re getting a logo designed to represent your brand.  (We’re pretty sure that anyone who has ever had a logo designed understands the scenario.)  You start off with a rough idea of what your looking for, but you’re not sure what the final product is going to look like.  You know the idea you want to convey, and you’re looking for something special and unique.  The logo has to show off your brand, and you’re relying on the graphic designer to communicate these things. 

The one thing you know for certain is that it can’t look the same as any other logo.  Your designer can’t simply just copy the style of logo for Google or Coca-Cola, unless you were hoping for a boatload of lawsuits!  The logo must be great, and it has to be your own!

Developing Your Personal Brand

The same thing goes for getting a great headshot.  At S18 Photography, we prefer the custom approach, and our clients trust us to deliver images that communicate their vision.  Just like the logo scenario, most people come to us with an idea what they’re looking for, and they want a headshot that makes them look their best.  

Rather than simply copying some formula, our clients appreciate the time we take to understand their goals.  From selecting the most flattering lighting for their look to posing them in a way that emphasizes their best attributes, we’re in the business of getting things done right. 

Our individually-tailored, editorial-style portraits and custom headshots help our clients break away from the landscape of terrible selfies and cookie-cutter business headshots.  Crisp, polished, and professional, our headshot and portrait photography incorporates genuine personality and stunning lighting while remaining focused on your personal branding.

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gina color portrait

Kevin outdoor portrait

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