Loan Officer Joe – South Jersey Headshots

Joe’s a really cool guy, who apparently lives right down the street from us in Marlton, NJ.  Before his session, I didn’t even know it, but I’m pretty sure he even lives in the same development as us!  How cool is that?  He reached out to us a few months back for some professional headshots to go on his business cards, fliers, and other marketing materials.  After a quick email exchange, we had him set up to get some awesome shots.

Working with Joe was a blast.  He had a really cool personality, and we hit it off right away.  When you do as many headshots as I do, you really become able to key in on even the tiniest details and facial expressions.  Something I picked up on with Joe right away was that he did some serious squinting with his eyes when he smiles.  In fact, he tended to squint so much that his eyes were barely showing.  I sort of laughed, because I do a bit of the same thing when I smile.  Some folks have huge eyes (my wife’s a good example), but this isn’t the case for guys like Joe & I.  I laughed and told him that there’s actually a pretty well known headshot photographer that asks a lot of his clients to squint a bit in their photos.  He says it gives them a cool, confident look.  I just told Joe that guys like us must be already just be cool and confident… It’s just how we roll!

We wrapped up with some great shots, and Joe mentioned that he really enjoyed working with me.  He even asked about getting some family photos, and I told him about our Fall Mini Sessions, which he wound up signing up for.  A few weeks ago, we actually met up again, and got him some terrific family photos.  It was really cool to meet his family too… really nice people.  Here’s some of the shots from Joe’s headshot session!

IMG_1812 CL

IMG_1941 CL

IMG_1961 CL

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