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A few weeks back, I received a call from Vanessa, one of the partners of Marlton, NJ law firm Borbi, Clancy, & Patrizi, LLC about getting a group photo, and possibly some individual headshots.  She mentioned that she had been searching for a photographer when she came across our page, and that she loved our work.  After a bit of discussion on what they were looking for, we were able to set something up relatively quickly.

She and the other partners decided to go with both the group photo and the individual portraits, and we got together on a Tuesday afternoon to get them some great photos.  We all enjoyed the session quite a bit, and we had the chance to joke around and have a nice time.  One of the partners had to head out early for a meeting, so we had to complete the group photo early.  Otherwise, things were super smooth, and I got them some great shots.

The partners loved the images, and I really enjoyed corresponding with them throughout everything.  Vanessa had a terrific sense of humor, and it’s always nice to make some new friends!  Here’s some of the photos from our session, followed by a few outtakes of having a good time during the session!  Enjoy!

IMG_3770 CL

IMG_3868 web

IMG_3882 CL

IMG_3955 web

IMG_3870 CL

IMG_3915 web

IMG_3830 web

And of course, some outtakes!

IMG_3759 CL

IMG_3938 CL

IMG_3732 CL

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