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Lauren is awesome, and she’s one of my recent favorite headshot clients.  She is the Marketing Director for Family First Funding, LLC, a mortgage banker in a number of states including NJ, and she sent us an email a few weeks back looking to book a headshot session.  I was excited to meet her and photograph her in our studio, and she wound up being super cool and easy to work with.

Lauren came through the door, with a great smile, and I loved that she just had a super-easygoing attitude.  The blue dress shirt she wore under a sport coat really caught my eye, and I decided that I wanted to accentuate this and really make it stand out in her photos.  I settled on a burst of flash gelled blue against a dark gray backdrop, and Lauren liked how it looked right away.  We decided to work with that.

I worked with her through a number of poses & expressions to give her a bit of variety in her images, after discussing exactly what she wanted her images to portray.  With Lauren, she wanted to be friendly, warm, open, professional, and approachable.  I quickly found that she looked best when she was being herself and flashing a full, radiant smile.  Lauren’s session went great & she was really happy with the images we got.  She was even nice enough to send along some kind words in the end.  Below is some of what she had to say, along with a handful of images from the session.

Thanks so much Fred! They came out great. I normally hate getting any pictures taken of me but you made it fun and easy! Also, I really appreciate you extending the session and throwing in the extra image. I’ll be sure to get in touch with you for any future photography needs and send others your way as well.  Thanks again!

– Lauren P.

IMG_3813 CL

IMG_3901 CL

IMG_4028 CL

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