What can I expect when I choose S18 Photography?  How is this different from going to the portrait studio at the mall?  Why would I choose this instead?  What exactly do these guys “do,” and what makes them different?

These are just a few of the questions you might have when you consider booking with us.  S18 Photography’s work falls into the “custom photography” category.  Since it has really gained popularity within the past few years, custom photography may be relatively new to the average person / family.

  • An exceptional experience devoted to one-on-one attention.  Our focus is on YOU.
  • Customized to specifically meet your ideas, needs, and wants
  • Nothing like a visit to your typical chain portrait studio

Sounds nice… but what does that mean?  

Simple.  Before your session, we are going to chat about exactly what you are looking for  …a themed family session at a special location?  …or a professional headshot session mixed with some casual photos?

We will take the time to find out exactly what you are thinking about, so that we can tailor an experience to meet your needs.  Rather than a cookie-cutter, “sit-here-while-we-click-the-shutter” session, you get a something dedicated to what you are looking for.

Fred and Katie were so nice and flexible.  They picked a perfect location, made the shoot so much fun, and ALL the pictures turned out great!

– Patricia F.

With S18 Photography you get…

  • Superb images taken by seasoned professionals, comfortable with creating vibrant photographs in all conditions.
  • Moments captured using all high end professional equipment.  The richest, most dynamic colors and the best lighting… S18 Photography does not cut corners with quality!
  • An extensive gallery of creative and fully edited images.  With S18 photography, you have more choices.
  • Color-corrected, fully-retouched images.  Blemishes & under eye circles are gone, and your prints will look gorgeous.

S18 Photography offers you…

  • A huge range of products often only available to professional photographers.  We have relationships with several professional printing labs.
  • Excellent customer service you won’t find elsewhere.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

The quality and attention to detail of their photos are unmatched by any other photographer out there. They were able to capture the true heart if our special day and then some. They gave us a gift that we will be able to cherish for the rest of our lives. I cannot say enough about how awesome they are!

– Claire K.

Comparing S18 Photography’s custom offerings to your average chain studio is like comparing Bloomingdales to Wal-Mart or Ferrari to Chevy.  While there is nothing wrong with Wal-Mart or Chevy, you simply can’t get the same level of quality product than you will with Bloomingdales and Ferrari.

Custom photography is a luxury, that not everyone can afford.  While a $400 photo session may exceed your budget, forgoing a few visits to the chain studio will allow you to save enough for one custom photography session.  In the end, a single, quality custom photo session with multiple poses and images will far surpass numerous trips to the chain studios.

Katie came to my home and did a newborn photo session for my son and we are still completely in love with all of the shots.  Since then we have had two additional sessions with S18 photography and are extremely pleased

– Carrie A.

S18 Photography provides you with heirloom-quality images, and the investment you make now only increases in value as the years pass.

Below are a few examples of a custom session that you would never be able to achieve at a typical chain portrait studio.

On-Location Family Sessions

Sure… bring along the dog!

In-Home Newborn Photography

Candid Moments Capturing Personalities 


Capturing the little details

Excerpts/Info taken from, http://www.professionalchildphotographer.com, Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography

Are you ready to book your session, or perhaps you have some questions?