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This session was just really cool, and I was super excited to photograph the home.  I’ll kick it off with a little backstory on the session which lead to an interesting chain of events…

About a year ago, in June of 2012, I was contacted by the CEO of a branding & management company about photographing his home that he would be listing for sale.  He was super nice to me and explained that he really, truly understood the importance of having top quality photographs to market his home.  (This was, of course, music to my ears.)  He went further to say that his agent, upon hearing this, offered to find a photographer for the listing, but he was so adamant that the photos be of the absolute top quality, that he would perform the search for a photographer himself.  This is how he came across our work, and knew, immediately, that he wanted us to photograph his home.  He called me directly to set up the session, and I photographed the dwelling, along with a twilight photograph, etc.  Long-time followers of our blog may remember his original session, posted here.

From here, his agent, from RE/Max Connection of New Jersey, was really impressed with the images, and upon getting so many compliments & inquiries from colleagues as to who her photographer was, she reached out to us as well.  She has since become a favorite client of ours, with whom we really enjoy working.

However, the story doesn’t simply end there…

Exactly two years after purchasing the home, the new folks, a military family, were told they had to relocate.  The would have to sell the home to move to their next duty station.  Because they were so impressed with the images as the buyers the first time around, they not only reached out to the listing agent again (our friend), but also insisted on the same photographer for their listing.  They mentioned that during their search, the images really drew them to look at the property, and remained a constant reminder of how much they liked it throughout their decision process.

Wow!  That’s awesome… Thinking about that for a second, the images we created not only affected a great deal of people over the past few years, but they also generated repeat business for an agent (one of our goals), and us (that’s a win too)!

So, this is how I came to find myself photographing the very same home, exactly 2 years later!  For me, it was really nice to meet the new owners who had liked our work from the initial listing, to see the ways in which the home had been changed by its new owners, and to see how my work had progressed from 2 years prior.

It turns out that the new folks were super nice, and in full disclosure, I sorta liked the way they decorated the house better than the original guy… 🙂  Regardless, here’s the photos from my second session at this really nice home an Embassy Grand model in the Ridings at Mayfair neighborhood of Marlton, NJ… Enjoy!

IMG_3877 CL

IMG_3895 CL


















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