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I recently photographed a really cool house over in Medford, NJ, close by to where we live.  The home was on a corner lot, but set back quite a bit from the main road with a large horseshoe-shaped driveway in the front.  It definitely gets a bunch of shade being surrounded by so many trees.  I actually liked the house a lot, and the owner was super nice.  I had a good time getting to know her a bit while photographing her house.

She was a teacher, currently working on her doctoral degree, and she was also in terrific shape, mentioning that she was a trainer.  We hit it off immediately, and talked about everything from kids and the current school systems to working out and eating healthy.  It’s always nice to meet nice new people when photographing real estate, even if it leaves me feeling like I ought to be hitting the gym a bit more!

The house had some really cool decor, and I liked the colorful accents and the way they had painted and decorated all around.  Despite having to deal with some serious dappled sunlight for the front interior shots, I was happy with how the photos came out, and the agents loved them.  I think their email reply when I sent them the photos says it all!  Check out the reply and photos below, and be sure to reach out to Len & Lisa Mclean if you know someone who might be interested in this home!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!  They look AWESOME!!  I can’t wait for [owner’s names] to see them!

Thank you very much for the quick delivery 🙂 – L. McLean














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