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It’s been pretty busy lately, and one of the homes we had the pleasure of photographing was a brick-front colonial home in the Spring Valley Estates neighborhood of Mt. Laurel, NJ.  We photographed the home for one of our favorite clients from RE/MAX Connection in Marlton, NJ.  Located on a beautifully-landscaped 1/2 acre lot, this home had terrific views and provided the owners with a great deal of privacy.  The house was rather large, and it had a number of really terrific features, including a completely-remodeled kitchen.

When I arrived, the owners were there to let me in, and we did our typical property walk-through prior to starting shooting.  At the beginning of each of our real estate photography sessions, I like to spend a little time walking through the property with the owners or the agent listing the home.   This helps me to get acquainted with the various spaces, and it affords me the ability to wander around a bit and plan out some of the key shots.  Sure, I’m never going to have the exact images planned out to the very last detail, but it sure helps to have a nice “jumping-off” point.  I’ve found that a 10 minute walk-through at the beginning of a session can really save a great deal of time with the overall session.  It’s nice to utilize this small amount of time for planning out our approach.

The owner was nice enough to show me the key features, and we discussed some of what we should highlight in the images.  Things like this tend to go a long way.  It usually lets the owners know that the guy wandering through their home actually knows what they are doing, and often reflects really well on the listing agent.  The owners are typically comforted that their agent has hired a professional who is going to take a great deal of care in producing high-impact images to market their property, rather than some knucklehead showing up without any plan.  It also lets them know that the key features that they might like to show off aren’t going to be overlooked, or it will at least give them the chance to seek some advice on things they may be concerned about.  The last thing they want is some stranger showing up without a plan, wasting their time, and  producing mediocre-at-best images.

Throughout my years of property photography, I’ve found that the most successful agents don’t just sell homes… they are keen on building a rock-solid brand around their services and surrounding themselves with only the very best team of professionals.  To them, having a strong relationship with a premium photographer is at the very core of their business.

In the end, I enjoyed photographing the features of this home quite a bit.  I really liked some of the spaces, and while I’m not a tremendous fan of wall paper, I thought that the rooms in this home had a great deal of character.  I’m sure this will make a great place to live for the new owners who decide to purchase it.  Here’s a look at a handful of the images from our session.






















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