Mt. Laurel, NJ Townhouse Photo Session

Yesterday, I shot some photos of a really nice townhouse in the Springwood Green neighborhood of Mt. Laurel, NJ.  The place was vacant and previously devoid of furniture, but the cool thing was that the agent had a stager run through and add some furniture & decorations to spruce the place up.  It looked really nice when I went through, and I enjoyed the session.

Since it was a townhouse, the agent purchased one of our Economy Photo sessions.  I point this out, because a we do offer less extensive shoots at a lower price for real estate photography.  This kind of thing is ideal for smaller homes or just agents who don’t have the cash to pay for a more extensive package.  (You can see our pricing page for more details.)  It’s a smart offering, because the agent winds up getting 15 awesome photos that are seriously going to grab a potential buyer’s eyes rather than just putting 25 cell phone shots up… It just makes sense.  Anyway, here’s a handful of the photos!

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