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A few weeks ago, I headed down to Mullica Hill, NJ to photograph a really beautiful house.  I love photographing gorgeous high-end homes, and I’m sort of a perfectionist as most of my clients know!  When it came to this particular home, there were so many great things to photograph, and I was really happy to have a beautiful blue sky and sunny day to work with!  It didn’t hurt that the interior was nice and colorful too!  This place was just really big, bright, and beautiful, and the pool was pretty nice.  Some of my favorite shots are the ones I took of the pool in back!

The agent’s assistant & I met up for the session, and we had a whole handful of obstacles to work with for sure!  There were some folks set to come and clean the pool, so I photographed this area first.  There were also a handful of maids from a cleaning service who stopped by right as I was photographing the kitchen!  They were pretty nice though, and we decided to divide up the areas where we would work, so that we could both do what we needed to get done!  They started upstairs while I finished off the first floor, and then we switched!  It seemed to work out pretty well!  I’m pretty much of the mindset that I’m willing to work with anything when I photograph a house.

I sort of pride myself in the fact that I can work in any situation with any obstacles, etc. and still nail it with the photos.  Sure, I like an easy session like the next guy, but I also know that when it really comes down to it… you’ve gotta be able to produce!  We want our clients to know that they are getting ultra-premium photos and service… every single time!  This is one of the many reasons our clients choose to work with us.  Here’s some of the shots I came up with for this awesome house!

IMG_1562 copy

IMG_1597 copy

IMG_1210_EF copy

IMG_1119 copy

IMG_1203 copy

IMG_1151 copy

IMG_1182 copy

IMG_1247 copy

IMG_1276 copy

IMG_1291 copy

IMG_1304 copy

IMG_1330 copy

IMG_1416 copy

IMG_1453 copy

IMG_1476 copy

IMG_1485 copy

IMG_1510 copy

IMG_1519 copy

IMG_1023 copy

IMG_1062 copy

IMG_1034 copy

IMG_0999 copy

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