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“Wow… Awesome…” is pretty much all I had to say when I photographed this brick French Colonial house down in Mullica Hill, NJ.  I think this one goes down as one of the coolest / most unique homes I have ever photographed!  This house was set back pretty far from the main road, and it was gigantic.  Upon entering, there was some seriously cool stuff going on… not limited to crocodile skin rugs & couches, an awesome bar, and even a built-in sauna.  The marble entryway had a gorgeous staircase with a chandelier, and most of the home contained what I would consider old style Italian decor.  I really thought this house was amazing.

When the agent’s assistant was giving me a quick walk-through tour, we walked into a very large room where there were a few levels of wood decking and a built-in spa.  Way across the room, next to a flat panel TV and beyond a bed and couch, there was a built-in, full-sized sauna.  The room had a meticulously-detailed jungle theme and the walls and ceiling were painted like a rainforest and the sky.  I simply said “Wow, this is a heck of a master bedroom.” to which the agent’s assistant replied “This isn’t the master.”  Wow…

Another cool room was the bathroom painted to appear as if part of Venice, Italy.  Even the massive walk-in closet had hardwood floors and a chandelier!  Alright… enough of my rambling… check out the photos from this place!

IMG_5873 CL

IMG_9403 R CL

IMG_9720 copy

IMG_9506 R web

IMG_9528 copy

IMG_9543 copy

IMG_9568 copy

IMG_9612 copy

IMG_9781 copy

IMG_9758 copy

IMG_9789 copy

IMG_9806 copy

IMG_9823 copy

IMG_9833 copy

IMG_9842 copy

IMG_9872 copy

IMG_9432 copy

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