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NFM Lending is a residential mortgage lender with branches located across the country.  Back in early November of last year, Brooke, the Recruiting Manager from their Marlton, NJ branch, gave us a ring about setting up a headshot session for the folks at her location.

(Yeah, I’ll admit it… I’m sort of backed up on blog posts!  It has been pretty busy around here!)  

South Jersey Headshots

Brooke was really cool to work with, and after exchanging some emails & chatting a few times over the phone, we had a pretty good idea what she was looking for.   If I remember correctly, Brooke had just relocated from Florida, and she really needed an updated headshot to go with her professional profile.  Like a lot of our other clients, they figured it was a good opportunity to get the other associates a new image as well.  Pretty quickly, we were able to schedule a time to swing by and set up at their location.

NJ Professional Headshots

The day of the session arrived, and working with the team was great.  They had plenty of space for us to set up in their location, and I enjoyed talking with them all a bit and getting to know them.  Everyone had a great personality, and it’s always a pleasure to work with a good group.  The session was a breeze, and in the end, they loved their final images.  We even took a quick group snapshot & sent it their was just for fun.  They loved their photos, and Brooke passed along some kind words!


“You are an amazing photographer and we really appreciate you coming out here.  Thanks so much…”

– Brooke, Recruiting Manager, NFM Lending


In fact, shortly afterwards, we got some more good press!  I’ll take it!


“My pic is phenomenal. 100 compliments already. LinkedIn is perfect. Thanks for everything.”

– Brooke, Recruiting Manager, NFM Lending


Here’s some of the images from their session!

lender headshot john

lender headshot brooke

lender headshot male

lender team headshot

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