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NJ Commercial Lifestyle Photographer – Claudine Sneak Peeks

I’ll totally admit that recently, I haven’t been as active as I should be at blogging some of the really great sessions we’ve had.  On the brighter side, it’s really because we’ve been incredibly busy with commercial photography sessions, and I’ve scarcely had a chance to sit down!  In the past few weeks alone, we’ve shot sessions for Comcast, Avalon Flooring, and Wyndham.  Holy moly!  Hopefully when things settle a little bit more, I’ll have the chance to get them up on the blog as well.

South Jersey and Philadelphia Commercial Photography

In the meantime, I wanted to post something about an awesome project we’ve been working on doing commercial lifestyle photography promo shoots.  You may remember the first of these we did with Kiona and her dog Bella.  A few months back, before the weather was getting nicer, I also had a chance to get together with Claudine to do a set of photos as well.  We met up in a coffeehouse in Bordentown, NJ, and the session was a blast.

NJ Lifestyle Photography

To start off, Claudine is pretty awesome.  Period.  She has a great personality, and her family has done a number of family photo shoots with us in the past, including newborn photography sessions for their children.  My wife, Katie, who runs our family and newborn photography sessions, mentioned how cool they were and how much she had enjoyed working with them.  I remember Katie saying something about them just being really easygoing people who she could see us being friends with.  So, when Claudine volunteered to be a part of this project, I was super excited.

Lifestyle Photography for Business

We decided to keep things simple and do a series of images that tell the story of meeting up with a friend for coffee.  We picked a coffee place that was easy for both of us to get to, and soon, we had all our plans in order.  I’ll never forget the look on Claudine’s face when she met me.  I’m pretty sure she was blown away by how outgoing I am, while Katie is so much more introverted!  We hit it off right away, and we were able to get a really cool set of photos.  Here’s a few of the shots from her session.  At some point, I’ll be sure to share the rest!

Claudine Lifestyle Photo 3 Claudine Lifestyle photo 1 Claudine Lifestyle Photo 4 Claudine Lifestyle Photo 2

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