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We’re always looking to evolve and grow our business and the things we can offer our clients, and because of this, we often embark on projects to showcase new ideas and offerings.  We fund and produce these shoots ourselves, and the desire is to create something great and fresh that we know will resonate with our clients.  Recently, we came up with the idea of putting together some lifestyle photography work both for our retail (family, babies, & children) brand S18 Newborns, as well as on the commercial side of things S18 Commercial (you are here!)  We think the lifestyle photography work we are able to create will really resonate with people, and it’s an exciting new level of value we can provide to our clients.

NJ and Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographers

So what exactly is lifestyle photography?  If you look around, you will certainly find a bunch of definitions and interpretations.  However, traditionally, lifestyle sessions focus on photographing and documenting real people in experiencing real-life situations, locations, events, and milestones.  When you think of these sessions, you typically think of those sun-kissed images of people on beaches, or the cozy images of a family snuggling together in a bed.  These are your typical sessions that families and retail photography clients book.  You can see more of these offerings on our sister site S18 Newborns!  Be sure to stop by and take a look at this recent sneak peek post!

Lifestyle Photography for Business

However, lifestyle photography can also be a super powerful tool for businesses looking to build their brand.  Just look at the landscape of big successful brands, and you will quickly see a number of great examples.  Think of the activewear companies showing idealized images of athletes training with their products, or even campaigns you see on the websites of large retailers.  The impact here is that these commercial lifestyle images are so relatable and organic.  By using commercial lifestyle photography effectively, brands can leverage the feelings and experiences their clients have with their products or services, and communicate this visually through various media.  Think of how your brand can use this type of imagery on its website, in mailers, in ads, blog posts, etc.  The sky is the limit!

South Jersey Commercial and Lifestyle Photographers

We wanted to give our clients a sample of our approach, and so we set up a number of sessions that would create a portfolio of commercial lifestyle photography work.  Our first session was a simple meet up with Kiona, a really awesome person, and her gorgeous dog, Bella.  We approached it in a way that we could really catch those candid interactions between her and her companion, and I really think the shots illustrate that organic, natural approach to commercial lifestyle imagery that small and large businesses alike could put to work for their brand.  Here are a few sneak peeks from her session!  We’ll be sure to share the rest of our shots from Kiona and Bella’s session, along with others in a future post!

woman and dog walking a dog woman with pitbull

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