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Jeremy is a really nice guy who popped into our studio in early December of 2016.  He’s really busy with his work as a claims adjuster and consultant, as well as being an entrepreneur and investor.  He reached out to us with a simple set of images in mind to help him roll out and brand his upcoming venture, a training institute for claims adjustment.

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During our initial consultation, we discussed what specifically he was looking for to ensure we recommended a game plan and session that would best get him where he needed to be.  What I loved about his session is that, while it was pretty simple, it had purposeful, well-defined goals in mind.  Sure, there are always trade-offs when planning something out depending on the client’s budget and goals, but ultimately, it’s great when clients have a clear vision in mind.  Something I continuously stress to our clients is that they should never miss an opportunity to really communicate with their target audience.  Sure, our images are going to be stunning, bold, and well lit.  And yes, the expressions will be real and genuine.  But, the key for a lot of sessions is that our clients have a goal in mind, and it’s our job to help them communicate it visually.  What they want to portray & communicate to their audience is always key!

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In Jeremy’s case, he was looking specifically for two things: 1) some images to accompany copy on a sign up page on a website for his training institute and 2) some images that could be composited into graphical layouts for speaking engagements he does.  Like most of our clients, Jeremy understood the importance of an investment in solid commercial images to help in building trust & authority with his target audience during the rollout out his new company.

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Another one of the keys to the images was also usability.  While really polished, the images needed to be created across a plain background to ensure they could be composited and utilized in various places.  We shot the images on plain white, and added some lighting to give it a more dimensional look.  We created a series of images of him simply posing with his new ladder and specific clothing.  He wanted them to look professional enough to be trustworthy, but at the same time, he wanted to show that he wasn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and get to work.  This last part would help him connect with that audience of his.  In the latter part of his session, we simply had him talk while firing off semi-candid shots to simulate him speaking to a crowd.  These are the shots he would later submit to the graphics folks at various conferences to announce his speaking engagements.  This second part of his session was really a blast with a lot of good laughs.  Ultimately, the end result was some super polished, bold images for his business.

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Working with Jeremy was a blast, and we were able to get him a set of images that really nailed exactly what he was aiming to achieve.  Here’s a look at a few of the shots from his session!  I hope we’ll see him again down the road for some more projects!

man on ladder portrait landscape man on ladder claims adjustor portrait conference speaker portrait keynote speaker

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