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I love what I do.  It’s definitely no secret.  However, its not very often that I get as excited as I was for a recent session where we had the opportunity to put together a very unique kind of commercial group portrait for a client.  It’s something we’ve decided to begin offering to all of our clients, and we’re certain that it is the highest quality, most versatile group portrait available today.

This particular session was for The Greenblatt Team of Keller Williams Realty in Cherry Hill, NJ.  These guys are a really terrific group, and we had a blast working with them. We’ve had a long business relationship with Robert and his team, and we’ve photographed hundreds of homes for them over the years.  They were looking for an updated group portrait and headshots for some team members, and they sent along some shots that inspired them. We really wanted to do something exceptional for them.

To do so, we thought about the shortfalls of a lot of the group portraits we’ve seen, and we thought about the ways we could improve on them to create something much better.  Here are some of the main shortfalls of many group portraits:

Common Group Portrait Shortfalls:

  • Trouble with poses and expressions.  Inevitably, some team members have better expressions and poses than others in each image, and teams wind up sorting through scores of images and making compromises to get things right.
  • The lighting is never quite right.  When photographing a group, it’s inevitable that the lighting can be a challenge. As a commercial photographer with extensive experience with lighting, I can tell you first-hand that it’s never a picnic. It’s nearly impossible to get the lighting as perfect as it would be in an individual portrait.
  • Group portraits are almost always an afterthought.  Inevitably, after booking large headshot sessions, clients usually ask “Hey, since we’re all going to be in one place, can we do a group shot too?”  Sure.  But the focus is rarely on getting the group shot to be a real show-stopper.
  • A team member quits! This one is the worst. After spending the time, effort, and money to get a great shot of the team, a member decides to leave the company, and now, the image is outdated!

With all of these in mind, we thought, “Hmm… how can we do better?”  With a little bit of inspiration and research, we came up with an incredible new approach.  Our Signature Group Portraits are leagues better than a standard group photo. Here’s a few of the reasons why.

Advantages of S18 Signature Group Portraits:

  • The very best poses and expressions.  Each individual is photographed separately, and later, we composite everyone into one team image.  Each person gets the individual attention they deserve and selects their favorite image to be part of the final image!
  • The lighting is fine-tuned to perfection!  Since each person is photographed individually, we are able to light everyone separately, maintaining a uniform look, while tailoring it to be as perfect and crisp as possible for each person!
  • These sessions are no afterthought.  Folks booking our S18 Signature Group Portraits are looking for the very best photograph possible for their team branding!
  • Maximum Flexibility. Over time, teams change. They grow or lose members, and our method lets you adapt your branding without having to start from scratch each time.  Adding a new member?  Send them by for a photograph!  Did someone leave the team?  No problem, we can likely update the image to reflect this.

Have a look at our Signature Group Portrait for The Greenblatt Team below!  Beneath this, we’ve shown examples of how the image can be easily modified to reflect changes in the group, and lastly, there’s a short video showing the assembly of these types of images!

group photo CL

The Greenblatt Team Signature Group Portrait (shown above).

group photo coup 2 CL

There’s been a coup d’etat! Either that, or Robert struck it rich and decided on an early retirement!  The updated image is shown above.

group photo coup CL

This time, Lindsay hit the lottery, and the team photo was easily modified to reflect the change in the team shown above!

Lastly, here’s a quick video showing the final assembly of one of these images!  It’s really cool stuff!

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