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NJ Corporate Headshots – Comcast

You may have never heard of them, but Comcast is this tiny little mom-and-pop tucked away here in South Jersey…

Obviously, I’m kidding.

An American global telecommunications powerhouse, Comcast is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue.  So, naturally we were pretty excited when their Director of Operations, Matt, reached out to us to get his team some headshots.  However, what we initially thought would be a fun gig actually turned out to be a really terrific one.  I’d actually go out on a limb and say it was one of my favorite sessions so far this year.

South Jersey Business Headshots

I’ll start off by saying that these guys were just plain awesome to work with.  Dealing with the business end of things (logistics, contracts, payment, etc.) was a breeze, and we were able to put together something that met their needs super quickly.

From here, we really had the pleasure of working with some of the nicest folks around.  Internally, these guys have a really great corporate culture, and you can tell they actively strive to do really nice things for their team.  Their Cherry Hill, NJ location had a cool, modern vibe about it, and I almost imagined it similar to what one of Google’s campuses would look like.

NJ and Philadelphia Commercial Photographers

With larger sessions, such as these, it’s important that a business gets in touch with a photographer who knows how to handle all of the logistical considerations of working with a large staff.  We do countless large corporate sessions each year, so the team at Comcast was in great hands.

The team members we were working with were on the technical side of the business.  Because of this, they typically wouldn’t have the opportunity to get their headshot done, like you might expect on the business side of the house (sales, etc.) where they might more actively seek it out.  This made for some really gracious subjects who were happy to be present and photographed.

NJ and Philadelphia Professional Headshots

Our session with Comcast was really a breeze.  We wrapped things up way ahead of schedule, and they were happy that things moved along so smoothly.  On top of this, we really had some good laughs with their team members, and we really couldn’t have asked for better hosts.

They loved the work we did for them, and Matt actually referred us another great client with whom we look forward to working in the coming weeks!  I’m excited for this, and I hope we’ll have the pleasure of working with Comcast again in the future!  Here’s a few of the shots from their session!

Business_Headshot_4S0A4491-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A4591-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A1394-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A4723-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A4997-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A1469-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A4666-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A4789-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A5098-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A5171-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A5292-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A5375-CL Business_Headshot_4S0A5439-CL

And of course, some goofing around with our new buddy Tim, doing his best Ron Burgundy impression!


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