Looking great in headshots

NJ Headshots – The #1 Tip To Looking Great in Photos!

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Clients are always asking us how to prepare for their upcoming sessions, whether it’s questions about wardrobe, what to expect, or even which options are best for them. They’re asking, simply because they want to know what they can do to give them the greatest chance of looking their best.

How to Look Great in Photos

So, today I want to share with you my number one tip for looking great in photos. It’s something I almost always mention during client consultations, and it’s really powerful. Here goes!

It’s super important to have a positive attitude about being photographed.

Yes, that’s it. More specifically…

I need you to believe in me, believe in the process, and believe in the fact that no matter how much you hate having your picture taken, you can look amazing in your headshots. 

Just like wearing clothing your comfortable in, will make you feel good, and translate into your image, it’s the same for your attitude!

The Truth About Photography

What I do isn’t just about perfect lighting, photoshop, or specific expressions. It’s really about human connection and reaching other people. It’s about getting people comfortable enough to let their guard down… to let those fears melt away, if only for a second, where I can translate who they really want to be into an image. The other stuff… the lights and the software, it’s the icing on the cake. It’s the combination of these things that adds that awesome, finished patina, wrapping it all up into a stunning package for the client.

But, I’m Just Not Photogenic…

Just about everyone I photograph mentions how they aren’t photogenic, and how they hate being photographed. Literally, almost every single client mentions this. When I mention this, I always get the response… “No, man. You don’t understand… I really hate being photographed. I’m really not photogenic.”

Are there folks I can’t make look good in photos…? The answer is yes, absolutely. You and I both know there are some folks you are never going to be able to please. But the truth is, it’s such a small portion of the population, that I think the number is almost negligible. (Yes, I’m pretty confident on this one.) And, I almost guarantee these are the folks who (for whatever reason), just aren’t coming into this with the right attitude.

Some More Truth…

Let me throw some more truth at you…

I would rather photograph someone who is not-as-great-looking but has a positive attitude than someone great-looking but super negative about being photographed.

Go back and re-read that last one if you want to look good. It’s important!

Sure, you probably can’t take away that anxiety about being photographed before you walk through our doors, but you want to come in thinking “Yeah, I’m a little nervous, but I think this can work.”

The folks who wander in with the bad attitude. The grumpy ones who say “Yeah, I’m here because my boss told me to be. Let’s get this over with.” and follow up with a constant stream of “Are we done yet? Is that it?” I’ve got news for them… these guys have a way worse chance of getting a great headshot. It ain’t gunna happen buddy.

The Moral of the Story

Have a positive about being photographed. It’s common sense, and really doesn’t take a self-help book or psychology study extolling the virtues of positive thought and visualization. Nope… You’ve got this. This one’s easy!

Looking great in headshots

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