Nuclear Engineer Kristine – NJ Headshot Photographer

Kristine is just a super cool person with a really interesting story.  Thus far, she also holds the not-so-great honor of being the only person to have been pulled over (& received a ticket) on the way to her session.  She came in pretty pissed off, and I thought I might have an up-hill battle on my hands to get her to relax, let her guard down, and smile.  I know I wouldn’t be in the mood to crack a smile after getting a ticket.  Regardless, she shook it off pretty well, and we were off to the races.

While I was getting to know her a bit, she explained that she hasn’t been driving much in the US as of late, because she has been living in Europe for the past few years.  Kristine is a nuclear engineer, and she has been living in Ukraine near Chernobyl for a while.  Wow!  That’s definitely something different!  Not only was this really cool, but I was really able to connect with her about her job, as my background is originally in engineering.  My degree is in electrical & computer engineering, something I did for years before we started S18 Photography.

We swapped some war stories, and she explained that she had just returned to the states earlier in the year to take on a new position.  They had asked her to provide a photo, and she wanted to make sure her headshot was crisp, high-quality, and professional.  This is why she had reached out to us.  We spent some time really honing in on getting her a shot that she was happy with.  She had some really great facial features that I wanted to highlight!

In the end, despite her in-route run-in with local police, we were able to get a shot that had her looking terrific… on that she was really happy with!

IMG_4543 CL

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