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Last week, I took a trip across the Ben Franklin Bridge over to the Old City area in Philadelphia, PA for a real estate photography session on a really nice condominium.  One of our real estate agent friends from Keller Williams’ Center City office had reached out to us to have the dwelling photographed, and it was just a super cool space with some awesome features.

The condo was located in Bridge View Place Condominiums, right over the bridge on New St. and it just had this really great feel to it.  It had nice hardwood floors, a good layout, and even some great brick interior walls, all of which really made me like the home.  I had coordinated the session with the woman who owned it, and when I arrived, her husband was there to greet me, let me in, and get me set up.  He was just a really cool guy… the kind of guy that I’m pretty sure would fit in really well with my friends.  The only issue was that he seemed to be really shaken and frantic when I arrived.  He was nice enough to give me a quick tour, and even take me up to the rooftop area, with a spectacular view and outdoor bar area, but he just seemed a bit frazzled.  As it turns out, the poor guy had misplaced his wedding ring, and was seriously freaking out about finding it before his wife got home!  I felt pretty bad for him, and tried to help him look as I was working.

Of course, the point came where he had resigned that he was just going to call his wife & own up to the fact that he had lost the ring, before she came home to find out.  Oh boy… As a real estate photographer, I’ve been caught up in some sensitive situations before for sure, but this was a new one for me, however, not nearly as bad as something really awful like feuding divorcees or something of the sort.  Just as he was about to make the call, a friend of his from his job called to let him know that he found the ring at his desk!  Wow!  Talk about a close call.  Thankfully, things ironed themselves out from here, and from this point, we focused on getting some terrific images of the home, and some of the outstanding features of the complex… the rooftop area, the nice lobby, etc.

Altogether, I really enjoyed photographing the condo, and it was really great getting to know the owner.  It was just such a cool dwelling, right within a line of sight of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Old City.  This had to be one of my favorite sessions in a while!  Here’s some of the photos from the session!














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