Orthopedic Surgeons Session 1 – NJ Headshot Photographer

Back in early December 2013, Jerri, the Director of Operations & Development for Reconstructive Orthopedics, contacted us because she was looking for a photographer who specialized in headshots.  Earlier in the year, I had photographed one of their physicians, Samantha, who had just moved into the area, and she was kind enough to pass our information on to her.  (For the record… Samantha was really cool then, and we’re still big fans of her!)

Jerri explained that they had decided to update some of their online presence, and in doing so, they really thought it was important to have some professional photographs of their staff.  As they began their search for the right photographer, she received some recommendations, but really sensed that the type of photography they were looking for was very specific.  While they had seen work from a number of good photographers, they felt that they needed someone who specialized in exactly what they were looking for.  She was happy that Samantha had enthusiastically passed our info her way, and so were we!  After chatting with us, and viewing our work, Jerri felt very comfortable moving forward and working with us.

The truth about headshot photography is that it is a very specific thing, and choosing the right photographer is really important.  You need someone who has mastered working with lighting to set the right tone… in studio or on-location.  You also need someone who knows how to build a rapport with the subject and generate the right connection to get that perfect image.  With headshots, there are very few distractions.  It’s a portrait where the character and personality of the person is the focus.  There’s little to take away from this singular focus, and even the smallest details are super important.  Not to mention… just like other portraiture, the photographer does not always have a great amount of time with the subject to get that perfect shot.

Reconstructive Orthopedics has eight locations providing orthopedic care throughout South Jersey, with around 26 surgeons and 15 physician assistants on staff.  We divided the project up into four sessions set at some of their locations corresponding with their monthly meetings.  The goal was for the shots to have a uniform look to them, something we could easily accomplish.  We enjoy working to create a definitive custom appearance for our clients.

Below are the photos from our first session at Reconstructive Orthopedics’ Central location in Sewell, NJ.  I shot them a bit more pulled back than my typical headshots to ensure that they could crop to their liking for web and print use.  Working with theses guys was terrific!

IMG_9163 CL

IMG_9242 CL

IMG_9266 CL

IMG_9231 CL

IMG_9300 CL

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