Orthopedic Surgeons Session 2 – NJ Headshot Photographer

Our second session doing updated headshots for the orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants for Reconstructive Orthopedics was set at their northern location in Marlton, NJ, and wow, was it a busy night!  Overall, we photographed 17 people, but things went very smoothly!  When we arrived, one of the head administrators let us know that we could set up back in one of the Xray suites.  A few of the doctors were already set to go, so we had to move quickly!

In the hallway, we bumped into our friend Samantha, who had recommended us for the entire project, and she decided to be brave and be the first to be photographed!  It was really great to see her & catch up a bit.  Samantha is a real animal lover, and she loved meeting our big fluffy dog Diego, back when she stopped by our home studio in August.  She of course asked us how he was doing!  (FYI… Diego is a big goldendoodle… super friendly dog who loves attention!)  I was really glad we had a chance to see Samantha, and we were sure to thank her for recommending us to photograph everyone.

Since the practice was closed for the day, the doctors & PAs were having their meeting out in the large waiting room.  This made things easy, and we simply photographed each person, and then asked them to send in whoever was up next!  Some of the PAs were on hand to be photographed, because they would not be able to attend the third session.

Altogether, I really enjoyed getting to know a bunch of the folks at Reconstructive Ortho’s Marlton location.  These guys were super nice hosts, and we got them some terrific shots.  Here’s what we came up with for the second session!


IMG_9927 CL


IMG_9995 CL










IMG_9829 CL


IMG_9962 CL


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