Orthopedic Surgeons Session 4 – NJ Headshot Photographer

Our final session of headshots for the surgeons and physician assistants of Reconstructive Orthopedics was set at their southern location in Vineland, NJ.  The location was a bit of a drive, and when we arrived, we stopped in to say hello at the front desk.  I took a quick scan of the room, and wow, this place was hopping!  We had scheduled this, and all of the previous in-office sessions, after hours, and so I was surprised to see so many folks still in the waiting room.  It must’ve been a heck of a busy day!

It turns out that it had been, and we had a number of challenges working against us.  The surgeons would likely be a bit fatigued after a long day, and we would probably have very little time to work with them individually. Furthermore, the waiting room was full!  Where were we going to set up?

Truth be told, despite all of the stuff I mentioned above, I was very confident, and completely unfazed.  This sort of stuff just doesn’t rattle my nerves.  If anything, I was just super excited to rock these sessions, get these guys laughing & looking great, and maybe even bag a cool story for the road.

Thankfully, the waiting room cleared out pretty quickly, and the surgeons turned out to be patient, good sports like their colleagues from the previous sessions.  However, as I may have mentioned in a previous post, I really believe that simply getting folks to smile is not enough to make a great portrait, no matter how little time I have to work with folks.  These are surgeons, and I really had to tap into that look of compassion in their eyes along with the distinguished, confidence that comes along with it.   As it turns out, these guys were great, and we were able to get some images that did them justice.

Altogether, we truly enjoyed working with the doctors & PAs from Reconstructive Ortho, and they were very happy with the images we created for them.  The entire experience was a pleasure, and many thanks to them for choosing us for their headshots.  Here’s the last round of images, and some kind words from their Director of Ops!

Thanks so much for your cooperation in this huge undertaking! You have made it so simple to accomplish my task of new pix!!”

– J. Stokes, Director of Operations & Development, Reconstructive Orthopedics

IMG_0033 CL

IMG_9947 CL

IMG_9972 CL

IMG_0079 CL

IMG_0063 CL

IMG_0030 CL

IMG_0002 CL

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