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We’re big fans of this time of year, and it’s not just because the weather’s pulling out of that long, dreary gray stretch that follows Christmas & New Year.  I mean, sure, it’s not all sunshine out, but at east we’re catching a glimpse of sun in between the spring showers!  With that in mind, it’s an awesome time to start scheduling outdoor headshot & portrait sessions! 

Outdoor Portrait Photography

Sometimes, there’s just nothing cooler than that creamy blurred background and a rim of golden sunlight in your headshot.  And seriously, when done right, that’s an image that’s going to stand out and set you apart!  With the trees and flowers starting to bloom, there’s so many vibrant beautiful surroundings to work into the backdrop of your photo.  Your stunning headshot will steal the show and get you noticed amidst a sea of stiff, boring studio headshots!

Custom Business Headshots

Already have an awesome headshot?  Why not go for a different look?  We’ve had scores of executives come in looking for the best of both worlds.  They will ask for a set of formal images for their corporate bio and professional profiles, and they also inquire also a more natural, casual look for their internal newsletters and other materials.

As a professional, how do you want to portray yourself?  Some folks want to go the more casual, yet still professional look for all of their images.  Others even opt for an outdoor image with more formal attire, and believe it or not, these come out great too!  The possibilities are limitless, and we’re excited to offer this sort of versatility to our clients!

Environmental Headshots

This last part applies to environmental headshots in general.  Here, we’re not solely limited to being outdoors.  Sometimes you’ll see folks with an environmental portrait that incorporates some of what they do into the image.  It’s a great way to add some context while still firmly keeping the emphasis on you.  Construction executive in a busy urban area?  Florist working with some fresh arrangements?  Again, there’s really a lot of opportunity here!

Need some advice?  We can help get you headed in the right direction!

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