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Personal Branding Photography

We’ve seen the term “Personal Branding Photography” floating around photography circles recently, so we figured it would be a good idea to put together a post on what exactly it is and who can benefit from it. It’s something we’ve been providing our clients for years, and we think it’s really something that will become huge in the next few years. Here’s the lowdown!

South Jersey and Philadelphia Commercial Photographers

Let’s start with the question “What is Commercial Photography?”

Basically, commercial photography is the type of photography that focuses on creating images that help to sell a product or service. Some common types include:

  • Product photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Headshot Photography
  • Commercial Lifestyle Photography

So, who needs Commercial Photography?

There’s a huge market for commercial photography from individuals and small businesses to national and international corporations. For years, we’ve provided commercial photography across the entire spectrum, so you might say we have a bit of experience in this!

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography is a specific type of commercial photography focused on creating branding images for smaller businesses, individuals, and solo entrepreneurs. When some folks think about the term “commercial photography,” they automatically think about big, fancy ad campaigns they see on billboards and in magazines. While this stuff definitely fits the bill, it’s only part of what we do.

Another huge part of what we do is working to create branding images that communicate a specific vision for a whole host of other clients. 

  • Solo Entrepreneurs 
  • Public Speakers
  • Websites
  • Bloggers
  • Small Business Owners (Attorneys, Physicians, Contractors, Real Estate Agents, etc.)
  • Authors
  • Musicians
  • Individual Professionals
  • Etsy Shop Owners
  • And many more!

The sky is the limit!

Anyone looking to build a solid foundation for their brand knows the power of using great photography. Some folks are just looking for a simple headshot for a professional bio, while others want a more non-traditional type of lifestyle imagery that visually communicates their personality and what their brand stands for. Another person might want a suite of branding images to build their website while a blogger might need a set for their Instagram account. You get the picture!

I tell clients all the time during sessions,

“Sure a good image is clean, polished, and well lit, but a great image communicates something about the subject and their personal brand.”

Quick! Re-read that last one… It’s the key here!

Setting Yourself Apart

Obviously, an individual simply doesn’t have the marketing budget available to large corporations, so they may really have to think about where they want to invest their money to see a return. In the beginning, they will likely try the do-it-yourself approach, but after a while, they’ll undoubtedly realize that if they really want to grow their business, they need to call in a professional. Yes, your expensive, professionally-designed website (your online storefront 24/7) does look silly with amateur images. In today’s world, we’re inundated with more imagery than ever before, so you need something really stunning if you want to stand out!

Throughout the years, the folks we have known willing to invest in professional photography to grow their business have been the most successful by far.

Down to a Science!

We’ve been doing this for a while, so we know exactly how to do it right. Our process includes:

  • A free, custom consultation
  • Recommendations, collaboration, and advice
  • Expert coaching throughout the session
  • Magazine-quality retouching
  • Delivery of an amazing final product that communicates your unique vision

Custom Videography

Oh, and lastly, don’t forget about video, something that has really exploded in the past few years in online marketing! Folks viewing social media can’t help but stop and stare at that delicious food video or whatever other moving production catches their eye as they scroll down their timeline. Video marketing is on top of any marketing professional’s wish list for their clients, and it has been for a while now. We also provide expert videography that will create the impact you are looking to provide for your personal brand!

Take a look below at some images and video samples from Personal Branding Photography sessions we’ve done in the past!

cheril-personal-branding-headshot personal-branding-photography-christy claudine-lifestyle-photo-coffee Dave-environmental-portrait erin-branding-portrait kiona-lifestyle-photo-with-dog Dave-fitness-photography

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