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Earlier in the year, our friends at local florist Petals and Blooms asked us to create a website for them.  After sitting down to discuss what exactly they would need, we decided on a custom blogsite and a commercial photography session.  The commercial photos would provide some rich, vibrant imagery for their new website.

We always advocate this sort of arrangement, because a super professional-site design without great images just falls flat.  You really need the great images to make things look truly professional.  This is part of the reason working with us for website design is a great choice.  Fred has extensive experience in creating websites, and we can provide the terrific commercial images to go along with it!

The folks at Petals and Blooms are looking to roll out the new site to their friends and customers soon, so I won’t ruin the surprise and provide the link just yet!  (Besides, the coming soon page is still up until they are ready for the big reveal.)  However, we got some terrific headshots and commercial photographs, so I figured, why not share a few of our favorites from the session!

I liked that I had a really nice day to get some bright outdoor headshots of the owners & floral designers.  I think they really fit their inviting personalities well.  Debbie (one of the owners) even wrote me some kind words about her headshots!  Here’s what she had to say, along with a selection of our favorite photos from the session!

I actually like my head shot which is something I usually NEVER say about a picture of myself.  Thank you for your patience with my lack of modeling skills!”

– Debbie C.


IMG_2843 web

IMG_3273 web

IMG_3336 web

IMG_3265 web

2552 webWM

2774 webWM

2661 webWM

3169 webWM

2772 webWM

3200 webWM

2627 webWM

2812 webWM

3206 webWM

3234 webWM

3323 webWM

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