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It’s been an exciting year, and we’ve been privileged to work with some really terrific new clients this year.  One of these clients was Super 8, subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide.  Super 8 is the largest budget hotel chain in the world, with hotels in the US, Canada, and even China.  Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, their director of brand marketing reached out to us in early October for some commercial photography for their upcoming Veteran’s Day roll-out.  Of course we were excited to be a part of things, and we were able to set something in motion relatively quickly.

NJ Commercial Photographer

The folks at Super 8 were really great to work with, and they made things as easy and comfortable as possible for us.  Our session was to center around an upcoming promotion for Veteran’s Day where they rolled out preferred parking spaces for Veteran guests at their hotels.  For this, they needed some photographs of the location and signage, some incorporating employees, and they also asked if we could provide some short video clips to be used in additional promotional materials.  While relatively modest in scope, the media would be used prominently on their national page, and therefore, it needed to be great!

South Jersey Professional Photographer

The morning of the session, we arrived to meet the general manager of the local ownership group and a few hotel employees, and soon after the folks from corporate HQ arrived from Parsippany.  We had a chance to chat a bit and get to know everyone a bit before kicking things off, and after some location scouting, things were in motion!  We were fortunate to have some great weather and beautiful skies for the session, although clouds started rolling in and complicating things towards the end.  Things moved smoothly as we collaborated on which points of view the Art Director & PR Director were looking for out of the images to best accommodate where they would be used.

Philadelphia Area Photographer

In the end, we had a nice set of images and some video clips to send their way!  It was also pretty cool seeing the press release with our images come out over social media!  We’re also looking forward to some potential future work with Super 8 at the Jersey Shore this summer.  That could certainly make for some nice trips over to the beach!  Here’s some of what we created for this session!

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