Photo of the Week – 27/52 – “$25”

Alright, so I’m choosing this week’s Photo of the Week from a snapshot I caught while doing some street photography at First Friday in Philadelphia.  This photo is of two side show circus performers… one swallowing a sword, and the other breathing fire!  These guys are from the Squidling Bros. Carnivolution Circus Sideshow and Burlesque act, and while I’m not usually into this kind of thing, I was pretty amused by their act.

I nearly missed the shot, but I was super happy when I looked at my camera & realized I had caught it!  The title “$25” comes from the fact that I wound up shelling out $25 for parking, while the other photographers with me had all found cheap (sub $1) parking!  In the end, this photo was worth the $25 for me, but the other guys from my photo group were sure to dog me about it nonetheless!

S18 Photography 2012

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