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Back in September, Samantha sent us an email explaining that she was just coming aboard as a new physician assistant at Reconstructive Orthopedics, and they had asked her to reach out to us and get a headshot.  It was the time of year when the new surgeons & PAs were beginning work, and we had already photographed a few folks for them this year.

As a quick aside, we love the folks at Reconstructive Ortho., and we’ve been doing their headshots for a couple of years.  They’ve always been super easy to work with, and it’s been a pleasure getting them set up with a uniform, professional set of images for their surgeons & PAs.  

Samantha’s session was terrific, and I could tell it was going to be great from the moment we met.  She arrived a bit early, and brought along a great smile, sense of humor, and personality.  She had just come from work, so we had scheduled her session a bit later than most.  However, she had plenty of energy, and didn’t complain a bit!  Samantha really had a bubbly personality, and making her laugh and smile was a piece of cake!  She just kept flashing that radiant smile, and we talked about how she enjoyed her career and the folks she worked with.  I told her she must be great with her patients, and she laughed and said that they always seemed to enjoy working with her, because she put them in good spirits!

I really liked working with Samantha, and we got some super-great shots.  Here’s some of the shots from the session!

IMG_6675 CL

IMG_6694 R CL

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