Physician Assistants Session 3 – NJ Headshot Photographer

Our session photographing the physician assistants from Reconstructive Orthopedics was very different from photographing the surgeons, but I have to admit, it was a lot of fun!  For starters, it was easiest to schedule the shoot to coincide with their annual Christmas party.  Because of this, we were doing the photos in a special room reserved for the get together at Champps, a really nice local sports bar in Marlton, NJ.  Headshots at a local sports bar & restaurant… definitely a first, but really cool.  Other than a few space constraints when getting set up, everything else went super smoothly.

The PAs were really great to work with.  We had actually photographed a few of the them at the previous session for Reconstructive Ortho over at their Marlton office location.  However, we were here to photograph the rest of the physician assistants and one of the doctors who was in surgery during the prior meeting.  The entire group was very friendly, and these guys were all a lot of fun.  Each one of them brought some terrific personality to their session.

Afterwards, my wife & I had the added bonus of being able to grab some food from the restaurant.  It has been a while since we’ve had a nice night out together, so it was cool to just kick back and relax a bit.  We were sure to grab the messy sundae, their specialty giant dessert.  Here’s some of the shots!

IMG_0028 CL

IMG_0125 CL

IMG_9953 CL

IMG_0009 CL

IMG_0065 CL

IMG_0055 CL

IMG_0117 CL

IMG_0136 CL

IMG_0158 CL

IMG_0107 CL

IMG_9985 CL

IMG_0163 CL

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