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Samantha stopped by back in July for a headshot photography session.  She is a physician who recently moved into the area and needed a headshot for her practice’s website and brochures.  Samantha works in pain management and physical rehabilitation, and she had a really cool personality.  I enjoyed working with her a bunch, and she brought a great attitude and sense of humor to her session.

We talked about how she was from Pittsburg, and how she did her residency in Seattle.  For the record, I really like the Pacific Northwest… I’ve been to the Seattle area a bunch, and it’s gorgeous out there!  Pretty soon, we were goofing off and getting her some great shots.

One of the things we talked about was how much she loved dogs.  We have a big, fluffy Goldendoodle named Diego, and he definitely loves making new friends.  By making new friends, I mean that he jumps all over people when he first meets them!  We definitely don’t want him tackling our clients, so we keep him in another room during our studio sessions.  However, Samantha really wanted to meet him!  After our session, I made sure they had a chance to get to know each other, and they hit it off right away!  I even snapped a photo of her hanging out with Diego and sent it to her with her final image!  Here’s some of the images from Samantha’s session!

 IMG_5218 CL

IMG_5192 CL

IMG_5134 CL

IMG_5229 CL

Oh, and of course, here’s Diego & Samantha hanging out!

IMG_5258 web

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