Genuine Personality & Connection

There’s a tremendous amount of personality in the images we create.  We know exactly how to put you at ease, allowing you to be yourself in front of the camera, and drawing your personality out in front of the lens is our specialty.

Our images are filled with connections… clients connecting with the camera, connecting with ones they love, and even connecting with the things they are passionate about.  The expressions in our portraits are always genuine, honest, and sincere.

Our photographs give the viewer a glimpse into who you are.  That photo of a surgeon with kindness and compassion in his eyes or the executive with the confident, focused gaze… You get the picture.  It’s just how we roll.

We won’t settle for really good.  Your photos have to be great!

Stunning Lighting

Superb lighting is one of the hallmarks of our images at S18 Photography.  Everyone’s features are different, and we choose the most flattering lighting for your unique look.  Whether in studio or on-location, we place a particular emphasis on custom tailoring the lighting in your session to highlight and accentuate your best features.  Our stunning, custom lighting will make your portraits or headshots pop!

Classic Elements, with a Contemporary Twist

We utilize all of the classic elements of traditional portraiture, with a fresh new approach.  You won’t see those “cheesy, old-school boring studio portraits” here.  There’s none of those ugly cloth backgrounds and awkward poses.  C’mon… you know what I’m talking about.

Strong composition, stunning lighting, etc… We respect the the foundations of our craft, and know when to break the rules for maximum impact.  At S18 Photography, our shots are sleek and polished… a classic approach with a contemporary twist.

Crisp, Super-Clean Images

Our style is crisp, clean, and vibrant, ensuring your photographs really pop.  From before your session and through post production, we’re working to create something exceptional and super-premium.

Every image that leaves our studio is fully, professionally retouched, giving your photos the personal attention they deserve.  Our attention to detail is incredible, and our editing style provides a natural look while subtly accentuating those great qualities you have.  Never over-processed, what you get are stunning, natural-looking images.

Professional Coaching

Some folks are more photogenic than others, but regardless, we’re confident we have an approach that will work for everyone.  What do you want to communicate in your images?  Expert visual communicators, we can get you the look that matches your vision.

Never stiff or boring, our sessions are always engaging. We know how to break down the barriers and make nervous clients feel comfortable in front of the lens.  You’ll be surprised how “quick and painless” our sessions are!


There’s just something timeless about a crisp, vibrant photograph where the focus is on you.  Our focus is on providing you a clean, ultra-premium portrait that makes you look and feel great.

We’re not into chasing trends, and our images are created to stand the test of time.  Your photos will look great for years to come, although we hope you’ll come back and see us again before then!


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