Praul Family – Family Photo Session in Glassboro, NJ

So this weekend, we met up with my wife’s cousins for a family photo shoot.  We met up at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ and couldn’t have chosen a colder day!  It was super cold out, and we had two energetic little girls to photograph!  You may remember Izzie and Riley from Izzie’s 4th Birthday Photo Session and our Last Christmas Photo Session of 2011.  It’s really cool to have the opportunity to see these little girls growing up!

Freezing cold weather + little kids in an outdoor photo session = just about 10 minutes to get all of the photos done!  Katie & I had a serious challenge on our hands!  Lucky for us, the kiddos were good sports, and brought some serious personality with them!

John, married to my wife’s cousin Sarah & a really cool guy, had unfortunately just shaved off a ferocious beard he had been growing for months… It would have been pretty awesome to get that in the shots, but I’m pretty sure Sarah put a stop to that whole thing!  At any rate… we all had a great (but freezing cold) time!  Here’s some of the photos we snapped…

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