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Back in early October, we got a ring from our friend Barb at RE/Max Main St. Realty out of Moorestown, NJ about photographing a really nice private home she was listing in Tabernacle, NJ (Southampton).  She mentioned that the home was really nice, and it was located on 3 acres of nicely-landscaped grounds.  She also gave me some careful directions to find the home, since she said GPS might lead me to a dead end road.  I took down the directions, we set a date, and we were ready to rock.

When the date of the session came around, I was off to the races.  I packed up my gear & headed out a bit early to meet the owners.  I’m usually a bit early, so I can say hello, scout the location, etc.  Go figure, I happened to leave my sheet with directions on the dining room table!  I realized this right about the time when I pulled up to a giant mound of dirt at the end of a road.  Believe me… no one was getting over this thing.  I started to scour my emails on my phone a bit, and then I just decided to throw a bit of common sense into the mix.  I figured that if I headed around a few of the roads I had passed, I could get to the other side of the road block & might find where I was supposed to be.  I was super lucky that my gut feeling was right, and when I pulled into the driveway, there was a nice couple smiling to welcome me in.  The laughed and said that I was the only person that had found their house without having to call ahead.  I just laughed and told them I found them easily!

In truth, the home was located in a really nice private location.  It wasn’t hard to find at all if you knew the correct directions, but it was really in a nice quiet area surrounded by woods.  On top of this, Barb was right… the landscaping was immaculate, and the inside of the home matched it pretty well as it was really decorated nicely for fall.  While I’m sure they spruced things up a bit for the session, I could tell these guys really took care of the place quite a bit.  The place was gorgeous and bright, and the owners were pretty great too.  They really tried to lend a hand & stay clear of where I was photographing during the session… really nice folks.

Altogether, the home was large, bright, but still cozy, and I really enjoyed photographing it.  Here’s a handful of the photos from the session.






















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