Pros vs. Joes IV – NJ Real Estate Photographer

It’s that time again… time for another Pros vs. Joes post, where we pit average listing photos against our professional real estate photography to clearly show agents why they should be using professional photography to market their listings.  To cut to the chase… it’s pretty simple.  The houses marketed with professional photography get way more attention from potential buyers and sell at higher prices across all listing price ranges.

Despite this, only a small percentage of agents actually invest in professional photography for their listings.  Seems a bit crazy, huh?  In truth, not only does using professional photography provide the advantages above, but it leaves a seriously strong impression on the homeowners.  We do a great deal of real estate photography.  I mean A LOT… working with many of the top agents in South Jersey, some of who list over 100 homes a year.  In just about every single home I’ve been in, I’ve heard the owner say something like “Wow!  This is great… you guys do a great job!” followed by “I was really happy that [insert agent here] invested in this.  I think the photos are really important.”

A lot of agents even tell me that using professional photography was the definitive factor in getting them the listing, because the homeowner directly mentioned it!  Just like the folks from Zillow write in their article on…

…the first impression buyers most often get of a home is from the photos in the MLS listing, which they automatically receive in an email from their agent, or the pictures that accompany an online listing. With limited time and countless listings to review, buyers will quickly move on if photos don’t reflect well on a property.”

– Article contributed by Zillow, Nov. 20, 2012

The benefits of using professional photography for real estate are almost endless, with some of our favorite agents swearing by it.  One even mentioned to me that they felt they weren’t doing their job properly without it, citing that even the dollar store markets their products with professional images.  Why would you want anything less for something as important as a family’s home?

At any rate, enough of my thoughts and on to the photos and my completely irreverent captions!


Joe’s Shot: Oh, let’s start with this gem… great kitchen, not so great photo.


S18 Photography’s shot: I’m pretty sure this one doesn’t need an explanation… agreed?


Joe’s shot: Our friend-buddy-pal Joe obviously thought that shooting from the floor was a good idea…


S18 Photography’s shot: This room is really giant & super bright!


Joe’s shot: I’m obviously stuck on this room today… here’s Joe’s other shot. He really wanted to showcase it’s majesty.


S18 Photography’s shot: Joe’s got nothin’…


S18 Photography’s shot: Same room, but during twilight… Oh, we just couldn’t resist…


Joe’s shot: Nice, umm… door & stairs…? It really, uh, shows off the space… I guess…


S18 Photography’s shot: Boom! We even managed to get Joe’s beloved door & stairs into our shot!


Joe’s shot: Well, it’s not awful. I mean, a little dark & small, but not terrible…


S18 Photography’s shot: Nice & bright… big & well lit… now this is where you want your kid to sleep… not the one Joe shot.

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