Pros vs. Joes – Real Estate Photography

I got started doing photography by shooting photos or homes for real estate agents I knew, and for a while I’ve wanted to do a comparison post just to illustrate the dramatic impact awesome photos can have.  Take a look!  The following photos are from the same rooms in the same homes…

Please be aware that the photos I am posting are not meant to ridicule any agents.  In fact, the agents who took these photos are actually some of the best agents in the area… They were only taken to hold the listing over until they could schedule a session with us.  Worth repeating:  some of the best agents… opting for professional photos…

This first comparison is from a really awesome victorian house, and I was actually really excited when I showed up.  Really cool owners, and I was (as always) happy the agent remembered me for her photos.

This second set is actually from a custom-designed, multi-million dollar home owned by a man who made his fortune by owning a large company that designed lighting fixtures.  Wow was this place cool!  The agent was not someone I usually work with, and honestly, I believe he was trying as much as possible to avoid paying for photos… hoping the house would sell earlier.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this was in the cards for him.  You can’t even see the floor in his photo.

Alright, this third set is the only one where there were slight modifications.  Before I came, the agent asked for them to paint the walls white (to make things look more spacious) and had the home staged… both great ideas.  Aside from this, you can see that the pro photo gets the impact.

I think the photo comparison speaks for itself!

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