Psychotherapist Desiree – NJ Headshot Photographer

As a photographer, I’ve really been fortunate to work with a great deal of really interesting people.  Desiree was no different, and I was really glad that she reached out to us for some headshots back in September.  Desiree is a psychotherapist at a counseling center, and she also works as a renal social worker at a center that provides dialysis services.  She booked a session with us, and I just remember her having a really great, radiant smile.

I decided to photograph her on a light-colored blue background that we had just gotten in the studio, because I really just thought her images would pop against it.  We got right to work, and her terrific personality & smile really came to life in front of the camera.  I enjoyed working with her, and getting to know a bit about what she does.  If I remember correctly, we talked a bit about the work she does as a renal social worker in providing folks with dialysis.  She explained that the individuals she works with were basically at the end of their lives, and part of her job was to ensure that they had the highest quality of life possible while they were still alive.

Wow!  Talk about a meaningful job, with a lot of impact.  Between this, and her work as a counsellor, she does some really fulfilling work.  I mentioned to her that she should be proud.  I feel it’s really important to spend our time at work doing something that we feel is meaningful.  Part of the reason I left my day job years ago was that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life doing paperwork in a cubicle, churning files & not ever seeing the fruits of my labor.  For me, I wanted to find something more satisfying, and I could certainly go on and on about the journey that lead me to photography.  I really felt like I connected with Desiree when we talked about this stuff, and the things she described to me seemed really meaningful.

As for the session, I had no trouble getting her comfortable, engaged in the session, and letting some of her great personality come through in her photographs.  Here’s some of the images from her session!

IMG_8558 CL

IMG_8539 CL

IMG_8651 CL

IMG_8685 CL

I threw in a free black & white image for her, since she was a good sport!

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