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Q: “I’ve been looking around at different headshot photographers, and I really like your work.  Is there anything that makes working with S18 Photography different?”

A:Yes, definitely.  In fact, there are a lot of things set us apart from the rest of the pack. Our approach to headshot sessions is much different from the majority of other photographers.  Here are just a few of the ways our approach stand out…

Building Your Personal Brand

We’re expert visual communicators, and we know how to help you communicate your vision. In a time where the world is inundated with imagery, having a “decent photo” from someone with a “nice camera” just isn’t good enough.

Sure, plenty of our clients ask us to simply “make me look as good as possible,” but we encourage them to go a step further and take full advantage of the opportunity to build their personal brand.  How do they want to portray themselves to potential clients?  While someone in a customer-facing position might want to come off as warm, open, and approachable, where a C-suite executive might be better served portraying power, confidence, and vision in their portrait.

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Images that have a Soul

Yup, that’s right.  Our unique approach draws out your personality in the images we create.

Everyone has seen those awful “professional” headshots with the cheesy, fake smile with the awkward, creepy stare (like a deer in headlights).  They’re usually made by those old school photographers who spend all of their time obsessing over technical details, often losing sight of any actual substance in the photo.  Let’s face it.  Nobody actually likes these photos.  People get them because “my boss told me I had to get this done,” but the process feels like an awful trip back to high school picture day…. awkward and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, we can’t tell you how many clients come in with a cell phone image they love, wishing they could use if for their profile image.  Why?  Sure, the quality is terrible, but their expression is real, genuine, and they like that.

Our approach gives you the best of both worlds… an incredibly high quality photograph with authentic expression that folks will connect with.  We draw out your personality, mixed with our flawless composition and immaculate lighting.

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Custom, Never Cookie Cutter

No cookie-cutter setups and lighting.  I’ve been to some studios where everything is pretty much bolted to the floor with a chair in the middle.  The photographer swivels a few things around & all of their photos look the same.  How are you supposed to stand out if you look like everyone else?  Sure, our style is very consistent, but each of our clients receives a custom look.  Have great cheek bones… yeah, we’ll be sure to emphasize that.  Cursed with a double chin?  Yup, we know what to do.  Hate those wrinkles?  A softer, more flattering lighting setup’s probably the way to go.  I think you get the picture!


Consulting and Coaching

This is a huge part of what we do!  Before we even kick things off, we’ll discuss exactly what you are looking for, and give you expert tips on how to prepare and what to expect.  Not sure what to wear?  We’ll get you on track with expert tips and advice!

At every session, you can expect actual, meaningful feedback and instruction to get you looking your best.  Imagine that!  We know all of the little tricks to get you looking your best, and even the really advanced ones.  Everyone has concerns or hang-ups, and we’ll know just how to deal with them.  The best part of our approach is that you won’t even feel all stiff and posed.  Our sessions are typically a breeze, and we’re always hearing how painless we made the whole process!

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An Approach that Works

If you haven’t guessed it… we’ve done this a few times before!  We’ve got things down to a science, and our approach will have everyone looking their very best!

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