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Q: “I need a headshot for my new job, and my boss wants it to look a certain way to match the rest of the employee images. I have some samples and instructions he gave me. Can I send these to you? Do you do this sort of thing?”

A: Sure!  Yes, definitely.  It’s actually pretty common, and we’ve done a lot of this.  Sometimes folks contact us asking for us to match a certain style of image, and other times, we receive inquiries from companies who ask us to design a unique, uniform look for their staff.  Either way, not a problem.

We’ve seen it all.  Usually what happens in cases like this is a company might have asked a previous photographer to draw them up a diagram or give them information on how they shot their existing images.  This way, they could pass the info along to others (perhaps in another location) sometime in the future, but get a consistent look for all of their employees.

With this being said, the info and samples we get always vary!  Sometimes, we get something scribbled on the back of a napkin and run through a photocopier, and other times, we get a hot-shot who sends you a crazy detailed mega-diagram with a dozen lights.  (They clearly want you to know they can use as many flashes as possible.)  No matter the situation, we’ve got this.  We’ll know what to do.

Another scenario we run into is individuals who simply like an image they’ve seen, and they want their portrait to have a similar look.  We’re almost always able to come up with something that can get them what they are looking for.  (Haven’t failed yet, but we’d definitely be honest if it was something we thought we couldn’t do well.)

Lastly, these sessions are almost always followed up with the individual reaching out to us again, mentioning something like…

“Hey, these came out awesome, and my boss was really blown away!  He mentioned that we’re going to send all of our new associates your way from now on!”  

We love this sort of thing, and we’ve met some of our best clients this way!  Some companies send us their new recruits on a regular basis!



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