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Over the past few years, we’ve done a bunch of real estate photography on houses of all sizes and shapes.  We’ve photographed homes for terrific top producing real estate agents and even home owners themselves throughout New Jersey and into Pennsylvania.  While located in Marlton, NJ, we’ve frequently traveled to the Jersey Shore and up through Monmouth County, NJ to provide exceptional quality real estate photography and virtual tours.

Throughout all of this, we’ve provided some awesome options for virtual tours to showcase the homes, and I’m very excited about a new virtual tour option that we’ve decided to roll out.  These new Interactive Floor Plan Tours are really cool, and they allow people to click through the floor plan of the house while viewing some awesome photography from the point of view shown on the floor plan.  They’re definitely a unique and interactive way for a potential home owner to check out a house online.  However, I have to be honest and admit that I can’t completely take the credit for choosing to put these together.  They were actually specially requested by a client of mine, Haley DeStefano.  Hats off to her for the great idea!  Check out the screenshots of a recent Interactive Floor Plan Tour I put together for one of her listings!  (Click on them to visit the actual tour — I recommend you do, because it’s pretty cool stuff!)

Click to visit the tour!

Click to visit the tour!

These tours are super interactive, user friendly, and branded so that a buyer can easily get in touch with the listing agent if they like the home.  (MLS-friendly unbranded tours are also delivered with each purchase.)  We decided to host these tours on our own server, and built a custom platform around them.  This gave us a great deal of control on how to implement them and customize them.  The tour link actually takes you to a custom landing page where the agent’s information is displayed along with other information.  Two of the best features are the social media sharing accessibility and the link to a mobile version of the tours for easy compatibility with any mobile device.  The screenshot below is from the landing page for the tour above.  (Click to visit!)

Click to visit the landing page!

One of the things we’re really big on at S18 Photography is the custom nature of our business, whether it be real estate photography or even weddings, portraiture, or newborn photography.  We really work hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology and stay innovative.  That’s probably why our clients like us so much!

For clients who might not be interested in the new interactive floor plan tours, that’s ok too.  We are still offering our super-sleek, and downright amazing tours on our S18 Tours platform… they won’t be going away anytime soon!  Clients have always loved them for their massive images and awesome interfaces.  Check them out by clicking the screenshot below!

Click to visit S18 Tours!

We definitely hope you like our new offerings, and hey… even if your not looking for real estate photography, there’s definitely some really cool stuff to look at!

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