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It’s been super busy lately with headshot & portrait sessions in the studio, and it was great to just have a day off to focus on editing some images and catching up on a bunch of work… some of which includes dozens of really terrific sessions I’ve been meaning to post about.  Regardless, I was pretty happy to have a day to catch up & maybe even kick back a bit.

I’m pretty sure I was just finishing off my morning coffee when the phone rang.  On the other end was Cindy, former COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the Jones Group (Jones Apparel, Jones New York, etc.) calling to inquire about being photographed for an upcoming press release.  She apologized for the short notice, but wanted to know if we might be able to fit her in that day.  haha… So much for my “day off!”  Regardless, it was pretty convenient, and we were able to get together that afternoon!

I really enjoyed working with Cindy quite a bit.  She was really nice and explained that she would soon be taking a position within a new organization.  If I remember correctly, she decided to step away from the Jones Group during some recent acquisitions, and had a really exciting new opportunity lined up.  The new organization would be putting out a press release in the near future, and she figured she would get an updated headshot to accompany the release.

I remember teasing her about being a big shot corporate executive during the session to get her to loosen up and smile a bit, but the truth was that Cindy was really pretty warm and easy to work with.  Like most folks in the C-suite of a major corporation, I could tell she had a tough side, but I was looking to tap into the warm, approachable quality with her images.

At one point, I remember Cindy mentioning that she had been one of Diane Sawyer’s assistants at the beginning of her career & she even spoke about being on set during a photo session with Richard Avedon.  Wow!  For folks not familiar with him… Avedon’s sort of a big deal when it comes to photography!  Very cool!  I was pretty impressed, but she laughed and mentioned that she obviously wasn’t the one being photographed by him.  Regardless, over the years at the helm of a major apparel & footwear corporation out of NYC, I’m sure she’s seen quite a bit!

I joked & asked her what the heck she reached out to me for!  She answered that she loved our work with babies.  Go figure!  The baby stuff is all my wife’s, of course.  (You can see our newborn photography at our sister site S18 Newborns.)

By the end, I knew we nailed it!  Cindy loved the shots and even inquired about a potential family session in the future.  She was great, and hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of working with her again!  Here’s some of the shots from Cindy’s headshot session…

IMG_2034 R CL

IMG_2018 R CL

IMG_2102 R2 CL

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