Rosemary – NJ Corporate Portraits / Headshots

A few weeks back, Rosemary contacted us about getting some headshots done for an upcoming presentation she was giving on fraud in the banking industry.  She mentioned that she had found us online and that the photo would go in a brochure for the conference she would be speaking at.  Like a lot of folks who call us, she was nervous to have her photo taken.  After seeing some of our work and having a chance to chat with me, she said she felt more at ease.

Rosemary was super cool, and we hit it off instantly!  She explained that although she works in banking fraud, something she freely admit was neither glamourous nor a daily thrill-ride, she was hoping her photos could show a bit of personality.  She didn’t want to look stuffy or boring, and in photographing her, I can tell you… she definitely isn’t either of those.  We had a great time working together, and she was really happy with her final images.  She loved the warm, friendly expression in her final pick.  Here’s some of what we came up with…

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