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South Jersey Commercial Photographer – Advanced ENT

Advanced ENT is one of our favorite clients with whom we’ve had the pleasure of doing a number of headshot, commercial, and corporate event photography sessions in the past few years. With nine offices across southern NJ, they are a medical practice that specializes in ear, nose, and throat care, and their sister company HearMD specializes in Audiology and hearing health. Their Director of Marketing, Cheryl, reached out to us around a year ago looking to put together a series of sessions to get headshots and commercial images of their physicians.

NJ and Philadelphia Area Commercial Photography

Early in the process, Cheryl got us in touch with Matt, owner of Colorado-based creative firm Broz, LLC., who handles the majority of their marketing promotions, website work, and consulting to go over the vision for the sessions. He would be flying in to oversee the project and help out. I’ll preface with the fact that these guys are both pretty great.  Both Matt & Cheryl are quick on their feet, articulate, intelligent, and best of all, really great people to work with.  We really did enjoy working with them both throughout the process, and they do a tremendous amount of work for their company.

Headshots and Environmental Portraits

They decided to break the session up into two days, one focused on headshots and the other focused on environmental portraits of the doctors interacting with patients and volunteers.  The goal for the environmental portraits was to create the beginning of a suite of marketing images that could be used for promoting the practice across various media channels… social media, printed promotional pieces, etc.

On-Location Photography Sessions

With sessions such as these, it’s always important to manage the logistical end of the job just as much as the actual creative work we provide. In the end, we want things to go smoothly and provide the client with a great experience in addition to providing great images. In this case, we set up a day to visit the location of the shoot, their gorgeous new office located in Virtua Voorhees Hospital. Cheryl provided us with a tour so that we could do some planning and location scouting.

Marketing Photography

The session times were set to be really early on days when the practice was actually open, but not typically busy.  The goal was to get in the way as little as possible in a medical environment.  It was definitely good to arrive the morning of the first session with a pretty solid idea of what we were going to do.  Although, I have to admit… I’m completely not a morning person!  I’m glad there was plenty of caffeine available for sure!

Commercial Portraits

Cheryl and Matt did a great job of keeping us hydrated and caffeinated, and the multiple sessions went off without a hitch! Working with them was awesome, and we were able to create a lot of images they really liked and were able to get a lot of use out of.  Since this, we’ve done a number of other commercial sessions for them. Here’s a handful of the shots from the day dedicated to commercial environmental portraits!

doctor with child commerical photo pediatrician with girl commercial photography doc with child filling a medical syringe consultation with audiologist hearing aid samples man and woman consult with doctor looking at a hearing aid doctor examining ear

And, of course… It’s always super cool to see our work as part of the final product.  Here’s a promo piece using one of our images!

commercial photography in a promo


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